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>city of roses


Portland, thank you for always treating me so good.

(I know, I know.. I’m never not behind the camera.. so when i am complete dorkiness ensues!)

food, from a cart.. yep. amazing.

(fabric at $186/yd is fun to look at, and touch.. but that’s it)

cutest little dress shop, featuring Twigs & Honey (swoon!)

I will so be visiting this place again when we do more home projects, 2 huge buildings of just house stuff.. i got lost and it was well worth it.. plus I grabbed a cupboard to do a chalkboard tutorial over at {just.lovely.things} later this week!

a crazy little store called Scraps, umm 25cent yards of fabric.. yes, please and thank you!

Headed over to the Belmont side of town for a little cupcake adventure

These buttons are going to look great on some of the new {just.lovely.things} hair accessories that I’m working on this week.. This shop was adorable and the name is super witty..
Noun: A persons place for things.. seriously smart thinking!

A fun weekend, with not enough photos.. but still worth it.

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