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>city of roses


Portland, thank you for always treating me so good.

(I know, I know.. I’m never not behind the camera.. so when i am complete dorkiness ensues!)

food, from a cart.. yep. amazing.

(fabric at $186/yd is fun to look at, and touch.. but that’s it)

cutest little dress shop, featuring Twigs & Honey (swoon!)

I will so be visiting this place again when we do more home projects, 2 huge buildings of just house stuff.. i got lost and it was well worth it.. plus I grabbed a cupboard to do a chalkboard tutorial over at {just.lovely.things} later this week!

a crazy little store called Scraps, umm 25cent yards of fabric.. yes, please and thank you!

Headed over to the Belmont side of town for a little cupcake adventure

These buttons are going to look great on some of the new {just.lovely.things} hair accessories that I’m working on this week.. This shop was adorable and the name is super witty..
Noun: A persons place for things.. seriously smart thinking!

A fun weekend, with not enough photos.. but still worth it.

>i turn my camera on =)


Tune in to Thursdays..

>Color Therapy: Creams


>the dying art


Like a lot of photographers I have embraced digital for many reasons: its easy, instant and for the most part consistent and without too many errors.. but I started with film, I was trained in using manual camera settings and developing my own photographs.. in college I had a million plans to build my own darkroom in whatever house I lived in (but i was a drunk college kid, Carlo Rossi and Djarum Blacks were more important).  I one day would love to get into film for my paid professional shoots but its strange how much it scares me to do it unless I’m doing it for myself.  So currently I shoot holga just for fun, but with my ever growing vintage camera collection I know I will pop film into one of them and start shooting again.  Next up will be how to convince my husband to turn a corner of the basement into a darkroom for me, I can imagine it being 2pm the sunniest day of the year and there I am in a little red space, shaking a canister while slowly counting to myself.. smelling like photo-flo or stop bath.



My camera didnt care too much about this bride and groom it had other things on its mind!
*attention future clients i care about you and your wedding day, this was just too funny not to post up*


newest business card design! simple, yet fun.. i like em, how about you?

>just a little love..


Kristin and Mike are getting married in just a few short months and we decided to meet up on New Years Day to take some photos.. We ventured out to the little 3 block town of Pottsville Oregon on a beautiful day.. it had snowed the night before and although the ground was covered, the sun was shining!

and just like always my clients have a little fun!

>the things they left behind


I’m in complete and total awe over these images today!  Can you imagine the way those places must be life to see in person?  The smells, the dust & the things you want to touch, but afraid they will crumble.  How is it, that people once occupied these buildings and left only to leave such things behind…
Every one of these locations is a dream shooting place for me! Gah if I were only closer!



Ok Mr. SmartyPants.. good job!
Now I want/need/love/desire/lust/must have one of these! thanks =)

>just the way you are..


As you may remember from the American Honey engagement shoot, that I was very excited to shoot this wedding for Emily & Carl after how much I loved the session I had with them.  On a chilly, but beautiful December day, I couldn’t have asked for a more smooth wedding to be at.  From the relaxed bridesmaids and hilarious groomsmen, to the perfectly simple design of the venue and the love between the new bride and groom, it was everything I could have asked for and I was so happy to be apart of it!
Bingham Knoll Campus, Jacksonville Oregon


>Welp, its that time again. Road Trip.
I will be making it up to my favorite little Portland Oregon Jan 28-30th for a round of cute hotel staying (Jupiter or Ace I haven’t decided), visting my favorite antique shop in Alberta, hitting up Powells, walks in the Pearl (and a visit to Miss Roe!), anthropologie drooling, good food eating, record store browsing and possibly some late night drink getting.  Nonetheless this will be a get away to take some out of Grants Pass photos for fun and by hire if you need me!  So if interested in a session, some lunch, some mingling, a photowalk with me or just to say hello.. get back to me asap so I can figure this all out =)  Oh I may or may not have a wonderful accomplice with me (cough, cough wreckless) either way, fun-ness ensues!


>Did a quick inventory shoot for {just.lovely.things} an accessories line that I make (yes, another project of mine!) I had about 15 peices to photograph today and The Downtown Bookstore was generous enough to offer me up their space which was amazing and my model Afton was adorable.. such a good way to shoot!  I have 2 more shoots this weekend with the other peices so that I can get this load of inventory up on etsy and then the other stuff I have can go into my salon.. oh man I love my day job(s)! Here are a few of my favorites from the quickie 30min shoot.. enjoy!

>holiday rest.

>taking a well needed computer break til next year! (a week from now) see you then =)

>i heart etsy


Things I am loving on etsy right now! {dreamy}

>emily & carl *sneak peek*


cold december weddings, can still melt hearts

>focus on xmas..


Parties, songs, beribboned gifts,
Silver bells that tinkle..
Christmas trees and ornaments,
Colorful lights that twinkle!



no matter how many photographers use this song on their website, i never get sick of it..

>i will miss you..


you were dryer then usual..
which was confusing because i like to wear boots when you are here and somedays it was too warm.
you took away something from me (29) and gave me something new in return (30)
 but i will exchange it next year for a new one as well .. (31?) i hope.
you brought family and friends together, along with good food
you also motivated me to cozify my home
and to remember that cuddling is always appropiate not matter the temperature outside..
you will be missed until next year.. but i hope your friend december is just as good.

>good advice


this is great advice for giving credit where credit is due.. also for any struggling artist that instead of being inspired by someone else they just copy.. its a sad thing and we will never evolve as artists unless we constantly create instead of recycle ideas! (source of photo unknown) please as this is about getting permission if know who made this let me know!!!!

>gobble gobble


>every gray cloud has a silver lining


Everyone kept talking about how they couldn’t wait for snow,
well when an Oregon weatherman (or lady) tells me what the weather is like here..
 i usually don’t believe them. 
I was pretty surprised to wake up to just a light dusting of white
I love how the things i see everyday when I look out my front door,
window or backyard look completely different.. almost magical and quiet.
I stopped long enough to enjoy it and take a photo and even though I was totally running late the snow made me just breath for a moment, take it all in and enjoy the small things like these.



Since our last name is Smith, I have this new thing of collecting the letter “S” so today when I went to the craft warehouse in medford and spotted a wooden “S” for $1.49 I knew instantly I had a project coming!  This is a super easy one and saves time from painting wooden letters like a lot of people do.
Supplies needed:
wooden letter(s)
fabric of choice
mod podge (i used gloss finish)
clear sealer (i used deco art triple thick)
paint brush
flip your letter over and place on your fabric, trace as close to the letter as possible so you don’t have any access (you want it to lay over perfectly) you can also choose to paint your letter first i just left it the original wood color
flip your letter back over and lay the new shape on top to make sure its a good fit, (sorry i didn’t get this next part on film, but…) take your fabric off the letter set it aside and paint one thin coat of mod podge onto your wooden letter, then take that fabric and lay it on again til its a great fit and the letter is covered with the fabric.. smooth it out, you don’t want bubbles!!  Next take the brush and paint on another layer of mod podge just enough to coat it and let it set for a bit to dry (i think i waited like 30min and read a magazine)
After it has dried or at least isn’t tacky feeling, take your sealer and just give it a quick spray all over to give it a great lock in.. if you choose you can wait at least overnight and come back to it with some sand paper (or a nail file haha) and just rough up the edges… viola here is your little letter to place where you like =)

>things im loving right now…


she donates 10% of sales to a local orphanage, how cool is that?!
This is Ashley who was born with a heart condition known as Tetralogy of Fallot, at age 8months had her first surgery and now at 25yrs is in need of another one.  She is holding a fundraiser from now til January to give back to the hospital that helped her as a child, she wants to help the children there!
Please visit her blog to read her story if you have a chance, also here is a direct link to help with the fundraiser!
featuring this insanely beautiful shoot!

>marcel the shell


Not sure why, but this video makes me giggle everytime!
(yes its silly and i wouldnt have it any other way)